Ink like a pro by learning the fundamentals for making beautiful line art!





  1. Learn the FUNDAMENTALS of Inking that forms the foundation
    for creating amazing line art.

  2. It includes all the techniques I've gathered over the years that forms
    my inking practice.

  3. This course teaches the basic practices that allows you to ink
    with different types of tools such as brush pens, ballpoint pens
    or fineliners.

  4. We'll be discussing vital aspects of inking like line weight variation,
    hatching, tones, textures, gradients, inking contour and form lines
    and a lot more!

  5. Insightful detailed demos showing how to make finished pieces
    through tools lying around the house like ballpoint pens or professional inking
    supplies like brush pens.

Start your journey towards inking mastery!



    Rs. 3000

    Rs. 1749

      What our students are saying

      "The best course ever for inking I love the way you teach :)

      I will recommend it to anyone who wants to ink like a pro, lot of techniques told!

      Anyone will ink like a pro if he follows Kesh's instructions."

      Malhaar Dange

      "The line exercises are a game changer. I've been practicing them on my iPad.
      I was really struggling with the digital art. But, all that practice has helped with my traditional art as well.
      Not to mention, but it's quite cathartic."


      Thank you for your detailed, clear and engaging instructions.
      Looking forward to more!

      Megha Deshpande

      Buy this along with the Digital Art Made Simple Course





      Keshav Rathnavel a.k.a. KESH is visual artist and video producer who first made a name for himself through his YouTube channel. He has garnered a lot of attention over the years through creating valuable content for an engaged audience.

      Kesh with his unique, signature style of illustration is widely acclaimed and sought-after in the international art community.

      His keen interest to share knowledge and help develop the art community effectively has led him down this path of teaching. From philosophical advice helping artists find motivation to actionable tips to make better art, Kesh works to serve artists in helping tackle problems that are bound to come up. Knowledge and practice for efficient growth in art are cornerstones for KESH.