A Simple way to Draw

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Learning to observe and draw people well is most of the most important skills to have for any artist.

But the common approach people think they need to take is learn and master 'Human Anatomy'. Know the muscles, the bones, how it works and all that.

This is is good but's its a tad overrated for many. Most folks don't want to go that deep. They just want to draw people that looks a bit cartoony and quirky and spend more time on focusing on other areas of their craft.

And thats what this class is all about. Its a step-by-step
walkthrough on How I Draw people with the use of Shapes and Gesture rather than relying on your knowledge of the human musculature.

This class is Simple, Effective and most importantly Actionable.


You'll learn something. Unlike many other courses and classes out there, this one is something you do along with me.

Block off an hour to learn this weekend and you'll have something done by the end of it.

What will I learn
  • A simple way to draw people

Who is this for
  • Anyone who is interested in my way of

    drawing people.

What’s included
  • 1.5 hrs of goodness

  • PSD

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do I have access to the class?
    Forever! you'll have life-time access to this class
    Is this suitable for a beginner?
    Yes, absolutely. Just press play and follow along!
    Does this class require me to know 'Digital Mediums'?
    Not at all. You can choose and use any medium that you like. Traditional pencil and paper or the digital tablets.